AUGUST 1, 2017.  Angela appeared on LA Talk Radio's Relatable with host Stephanie Michele.  

Show Highlights by Stephanie

  • Stephanie sharing why we need to talk about food on a relating show.
  • Angela sharing her personal diabetes story.
  • Angela and Stephanie talking about their own curiosities and discoveries about their personal relationship with food…with some on the spot realization that it does not have to be overwhelming if you slow down and approach it “one bite at a time.” (pun intended)

Angela followed up with Stephanie after the show to express concern for a very important piece of this conversation that they did not have time to go into —- the concept of food from a political and humanitarian standpoint. Our ability to access healthy foods directly impacts our ability to make healthy choices. And, so far anyway, access is not at all equal. The problem of food deserts and food swamps is a cultural and systemic one, in which socioeconomic factors block or impair access to fresh, nutrient-rich, unprocessed foods. It is a problem that disproportionately affects communities of color, and it cannot and should not be ignored.  In a culture where race-based hate and violence already end lives suddenly and prematurely, food injustice is also a killer — a slow killer, but a killer, nonetheless. Below are some resources for taking action and learning more.

Now some resources referenced in the show.

Angela’s Book Recommendations