While dominant culture perpetuates narratives of individualism, competition and consumerism -- which keep us stuck and socially isolated -- groups offer the healing experiences of connection and collaborative repair. Research has shown that we humans have evolved as social creatures, and that the support of social relationships plays a critical role in how we heal from acute crises, how we recover from trauma, and how we develop resilience to challenges over time.  Listed below are some of the groups I currently co-facilitate. Please inquire about group schedules, as current offerings may be different from those appearing in the below flyers. All groups require interview/consultation before joining.


Bodies & Trauma 1.0. Learn about the human trauma response through psychoeducation and experiential group practice that explores the relational tools of resonance, embodiment and resourcing.

Bodies & Trauma 2.0. Apply the relational tools learned in Bodies & Trauma 1.0 to further unpack trauma stories. Go deeper together, with resonance, embodiment and resourcing. 

The Food Group. Explore your primal and psychological relationships with food. Cultivate embodied awareness through mindful eating practices and group discussion on topics ranging from gut health research to environmental responsibility.

Mindful Eating Group. Discover the benefits of slowing down while eating. Learn to question dominant cultural narratives around food, dieting, body image and wellness, while building awareness through mindful eating and embodiment-based group practice.

Riveting Women. Identify and develop your leadership as a woman, through group discussion and process that explores the complexity of gender roles and themes of empathy, strength, boundaries, resourcing and growth.

Being With Diabetes. Get support around your daily challenges with diabetes, while deepening your awareness around issues related to embodiment, stress, food, feelings, relationship, culture and community.


Angela is a Registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist and Counselor-in-Residence at The Relational Center in Los Angeles, California, where she provides counseling and psychoeducation to adults and adolescents of diverse cultural backgrounds. Sessions by appointment only. Please contact Angela for more information.